Our Mission

Being able to live a little better every day

Our vision

We will be a focused supplier of local products with worldclass quality

Our values

  • Qualityconscious Honest Longterm Sustainable
    Qualityconscious: We work every day with national and international competent professional
    environments that will contribute to developing products with worldclass quality, and we therefore
    focus on choosing the best partners who are at least as longterm and focused as us, no matter
    where in the value chain they must deliver
  • Honest: We build a good reputation for our business, and we must therefore be honest in all our
    communication throughout the value chain
  • Longterm: We choose our partners based on the opportunities to build longterm, good and solid
    relationships. This applies to the entire value chain
  • Sustainable: We base the UN’s sustainability goals on the entire business

Product portfolio

Akkermann’s product portfolio will develop at a rapid pace, and the company has already entered into agreements with a number of suppliers based on the same principles as Akkermann. In the autumn of 2020, the company launched the products «Akkermann Fish Oil» and «Akkermann
Capsule of Fish Oil».

During the first half of 2021, the company will launch a new fish oil mixed with olive oil, a licensed product that already are in the UK market. In the same period, a separate Chaga product will be launched. In addition to this, there is a separate expanded portfolio with very exclusive sea salt
extracted from the strong vortices in Saltstraumen, the world’s strongest maelstrom.

The company will not reveal much more now in December 2020, but there will also be exciting energysaving products on the market during 2021.

Background / history

The company was founded in 2019 in Sortland, Norway, by Mr Arild Johansen. Johansen’s goal is to build a large and wellrun business that will make/invest in local products with worldclass quality, available to the whole world. He assumes an emerging need for people to be able to strengthen their freedom of choice to be able to live a slightly better life every single day. Johansen initially chooses Confidential to focus on sustainable products within food and health, as well as energysaving solutions for most people



The founder is very concerned with choosing the right  partners for the business. This applies to both the professional communities that will be involved in developing new sustainable products, raw material suppliers, design agencies, importers, logistics suppliers and financial service providers.

When the partners have been through a qualification process, they are offered a collaboration based
on creating a lifelong agreement.

The market

We will choose our sales and distribution partners carefully and enable them to strengthen their own market position in the country in which they operate. We will do this by developing our own incentives based on local / regional needs.

Our contribution to developing our partners and the markets will mainly be about adding expertise. In addition to offering our own professional environments, we will develop professional conferences with worldclass speakers. These conferences will be organized in collaboration with our partners, where our partners have their marketing operations.
Our selected partners are invited to an annual professional conference in Norway. This will include worldclass speakers, social events, and meals you can only dream of.